Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a confidential relationship with a suitably qualified professional where casework can be discussed. This is not a counselling relationship but one where support, knowledge and guidance can be shared. The majority of counselling and therapy professional bodies stipulate that counsellors/therapists registered with them, must have 90 mins clinical supervision per month. 

I also offer clinical supervision to other professions where individuals may be exposed to challenging or difficult circumstances. This can be on an ad hoc basis, as and when needed.

I have trained as a clinical supervisor and have a broad range of experience across counselling/therapy fields. I keep my knowledge up to date by reading academic research papers and journals as well as attending a range of training and CPD activities throughout the year.

Clinical supervision is offered to:

  • Practising counsellors/therapists
  • Health care professionals- paramedics, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors, HCA, physiotherapists, radiographers, admin staff
  • Teachers, lecturers, academics
  • Police officers and support staff
  • Fire personnel and support staff
  • Military personnel
  • Trainee counsellors/therapists
  • First responders, Blood bikers and other charity support workers

Please contact me if you wish to consider me as your clinical supervision partner