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Counselling and Therapy

Making the decision that you need additional emotional help can be a very difficult one. Most people at some point in their lives, will face a set of circumstances or issues, that are overwhelming. 
Sometimes your nearest and dearest, family and friends aren't quite the right impartial support you need. Often you may not want to feel you are burdening them, or perhaps the problems you are facing involve or may affect them.  This is where counselling can really support you, to make sense of your world and come to terms with the challenges life has cast your way.

Counselling is a confidential and voluntary process and a free assessment screening telephone appointment will be offered.

Service Cost
Counselling -50 mins £50
Services personnel including emergency services staff 20% discount 

Clinical Supervision

A clinical supervisor will work to support you with your client work, as well as assessing the impact of your work upon you. This is a requirement for most accreditation organisations associated with the counselling and therapy professions.  

We recognise that many professionals face challenging circumstances during the course of their work. Clinical Supervision can support you to evaluate  the situation, as well as understanding any emotional impacts upon you. Appointments can be on a regular basis or ad hoc to suit your needs.

Service Cost
Clinical Supervision Counselling/ Therapy- 1.5 hour
Clinical Supervision- other 
1 hour
Business management

Business & Project Management 

We have extensive business and project management experience in the charity, voluntary and education sectors. If you need  support with any business aspect we would be happy to talk further with you. We have key skills in project inception through to set up and delivery to meet all governance requirements.

Governance is a specific area of business work that we have extensive knowledge and understanding of. We can provide you with reviews of existing governance structures or support the development of new systems and structures that meet all governance requirements.

Service Cost
Business management TBA
Governance reviews TBA